Text of the Convention

Article 1. Objectives
Article 2. Use of Terms
Article 3. Principle
Article 4. Jurisdictional Scope
Article 5. Cooperation
Article 6. General Measures for Conservation and Sustainable Use
Article 7. Identification and Monitoring
Article 8. In-situ Conservation
Article 9. Ex-situ Conservation
Article 10. Sustainable Use of Components of Biological Diversity
Article 11. Incentive Measures
Article 12. Research and Training
Article 13. Public Education and Awareness
Article 14. Impact Assessment and Minimizing Adverse Impacts
Article 15. Access to Genetic Resources
Article 16. Access to and Transfer of technology
Article 17. Exchange of Information
Article 18. Technical and Scientific Cooperation
Article 19. Handling of Biotechnology and Distribution of its Benefits
Article 20. Financial Resources
Article 21. Financial Mechanism
Article 22. Relationship with Other International Conventions
Article 23. Conference of the Parties
Article 24. Secretariat
Article 25. Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice
Article 26. Reports
Article 27. Settlement of Disputes
Article 28. Adoption of Protocols
Article 29. Amendment of the Convention or Protocol
Article 30. Adoption and Amendment of Annexes
Article 31. Right to Vote
Article 32. Relationship between this Convention and Its Protocols
Article 33. Signature
Article 34. Ratification, Acceptance or Approval
Article 35. Accession
Article 36. Entry Into Force
Article 37. Reservations
Article 38. Withdrawals
Article 39. Financial Interim Arrangements
Article 40. Secretariat Interim Arrangements
Article 41. Depositary
Article 42. Authentic texts
Annex I. Identification and Monitoring
Annex II - Part 1. Arbitration
Annex II - Part 2. Conciliation